Some Initial Research Questions

  • What is out there?

What are children seeing? How much variety is there? Is it good enough that children just see some art, any art or are there cases where bad art can be really damaging? Are makers thinking about gender and representations of difference at all?

  • What is a good representation of gender?

Is it possible to agree on what is good, bad and ugly in work for children?

  • Is there an ungendered option?

Is there a way to create work where gender wouldn’t be an issue or where the bodies on stage could be so fluid in their gender that they transcend it?

  • Can children’s work be queer?

What do we mean by queer? How do we talk about queerness outside of sexuality? How do we talk about sexuality and children in the same breath without being accused of summoning the spectre of pedophilia?

  • Is performance work for children inherently prejudiced?

Are we blind to the stereotyping and prejudices that we reproduce on stage? Does anyone think about this when making work? Is it hard enough to make the work without worrying about whether it’s sexist or not?!