Content Warning: rape, violence

Working on the project today with non-stop Bowie via 6Music. Very poignant memories for many people of experiencing his music, style, and sexuality helped them to feel that it was alright, indeed desirable to be different, queer, theatrical, glam and alien and to play with gender and society’s expectations. This impact speaks of the importance of queer visibility in the mainstream media as a way of giving young people examples of other ways of living your life – if you see it, you can be it. It must have been amazing to see him as Ziggy Stardust bursting into the mainstream on Top of the Pops in ’72.

And…since Bowie’s death I’ve become aware of his sexual experiences with underage groupies in the 1970s music scene in LA…While I still feel it’s important to praise his music and the impact he had on many peoples’ lives, I obviously do not condone these acts, which are exploitative even with consent, no matter who perpetrates them. In terms of this Gendersaurus project, this situation opens up discussions of how we respond differently to inappropriate behaviour towards children and young people depending on who the perpetrator is.

Here is a link to an article by Dr Rebecca Hains on the contradictions involved in being a fan of an artist who also committed horrible acts. CONTENT WARNING : RAPE, VIOLENCE