In April was invited to contribute to a symposium at Tate Modern to coincide with the launch of Playing Up; a new piece by Sibylle Peters in the form of a game for children, introducing them to live art. I was asked to deliver a provocation and talk on the theme of Dare and Danger. You can see my talk here in the first video:  PLAY LIST

Here is what the game and the symposium sets out to explore: “We want to discuss what Live Art offers to debates and practices on what it is possible, and permissible, to do with kids, and on what that doing can do. Especially at a time when art is increasingly devalued in UK schools, there seems all the more reason for artists, educators and curators to look at what is possible when work that is made for, with or about children considers Live Art as a strategy.

The PLAYING UP project reflects and advances many of the recent shifts in Live Art and kids, and asks:

  • What are the different relationships and possibilities between art that is for, with, or about kids?
  • What can Live Art offer as a tool for promoting cultural agency, as a means to critique power relationships, and as an approach to explore characteristics of childhood as material?
  • How Live Art can be employed as a strategy for collaboration, risk and agency?
  • What we can learn from children’s relationship to Live Art?”