Gendersaurus Rex is a new research project looking into gender, feminism, sexuality, queerness and difference and how these areas intersect with the field of live performance for children. It’s generously supported by Imaginate and led by Glasgow-based live artist, Eilidh MacAskill.

It will be informed by academic theory; books and thinkers; practice-based experiments; lived experiences; surveys of current performance practice; and discussions with artists, children, policy makers, educators, audiences and parents in Scotland and beyond.

Here is the address for the blog – click on it, go on :

It’s really the start of a conversation so I’d love to talk to as many people about this as possible so please get in touch. You can email me here at

I’ll be blogging my thoughts and posting up relevant videos and articles as the project progresses. You can be part of the discourse (in 160 characters or less!) on Twitter, @GendersaurusRex